What is Trapper's Delight?



Trapper's Delight is a competitive multiplayer game where you place deadly traps, for both you and your friends to suffer, then compete to escape the labyrinth of doom you have all created. Ideally you will want to make it across safely while watching all of your friends succumb to the dungeon of traps to maximise your score.


Placing Traps

Each round you get an assortment of traps to place. Some traps, such as the flipper trap, are invisible while others are much more visible. Remember where you placed your traps, otherwise you are just as likely to fall to them as your opponents! Traps are permanent so each round will be even more deadly than the last...


Getting to the End

Once traps are placed players get direct control over their character. Then you must hop your way to the goal, avoiding all of the traps you can see and the ones you can't. Each player knows their own hidden traps, so, by carefully watching your opponents movements you may just be able to avoid the hidden dangers.

Surprise your friends with
any of these deadly traps

Hidden Flipper

Trap Image

Arrow Trap

Trap Image

Hidden Lava

Trap Image

Jump Pad

Trap Image

Multiplayer Tactical
Trapping Action



Getting to the exit of the level will score you a point, but only if someone failed to escape. If the level is too easy then you need to place more traps! If everyone repeatedly fails a level then the game switches to a fresh new one. To keep a level going it needs to be finishable.



Being a master at dodging traps is one thing, but what about doing it in style? Trapper's delight will feature a wide variety of unlockable hats and other character customisation options which will let you look good while falling into lava. At the end of the day, that is what's really important.



After each round you can watch the replay of everyone's movements, letting you enjoy that precious moment as your friend falls into your delicious trap one last time. If you pay attention you might even see something devious that you missed the first time.


Local Play

Trapper's Delight supports up to 4 players all playing with controllers for local multiplayer trapping!


Online Multiplayer

Online and LAN play is also supported, with full Steam integration allowing you to join your friend's games easily.

Trapper's Delight is out now on Steam Early Access!

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